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Your injury has already cost you, do you really want a lawsuit to cost you more? When you call us, you will save your money with a FREE consultation.

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Being injured and without monetary aid can leave anyone feeling vulnerable and alone. In your time of need, you need someone qualified to protect you from further harm.

When you call us, you will find just that; an experienced legal team ready to help you when you need it most.

Find the compensation to suit your case with ease.

Legal matters like workers' compensation can be complex and confusing. Trying to find out the areas that apply to you and your case can be down right impossible on your own. 

However, when you call us you will have everything explained to you. You can count on us to weed through your options to find out which method of compensation would suit you best.

  • Medical benefits
  • Temporary total benefits
  • Permanent partial benefits
  • Permanent total benefits

Could your injury qualify for a legal case? Find out now!

 Whether you were involved in a car crash, domestic accident, or work related injury, you may be entitled to compensation or other monetary gain depending on who is responsible for the accident.

If you think that a personal injury case may apply to your accident, call us and explain the details of your case. With our experienced legal aid, you will be able to determine your best course of action moving forward.

Workers compensation | Bloomfield, NJ | John Marmaras, Attorney at Law | 973-233-4312

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